Workshops in France

Painting outdoors is a wonderful activity: the direct contact with nature and its stimulus to our senses give an extra dimension to the painting process and the final product.

Midweek workshops are led either by Annemie van de Ven (an artist from Eindhoven, see or by Martin himself.
In these workshops, simple examples and demonstrations are used to describe and show how to build up a landscape. The one partcipant may spend the entire workshop making sketches, to be completed at home in paint. Others prefer for example to have finished a few aquarelles at the end of the workshop.
The objective of the workshop is not simply the final product. In general each session is terminated by a discussion, to enable the participants to learn from each other’s work and ideas.
The mornings are reserved for painting tuition. After lunch the participants are free to work as they please but of course they can always ask Annemie or Martin for advice.
If you want to discover your creativity during your stay with us, then you can ask Martin to be your painting coach for either a full or half day. This is highly recommended for anyone who has ever asked themselves whether painting is for them. You will be surprised by the results. Note that the painting can be done in any medium: aquarelle, pastel, ink, oil or acrylic.




Mini workshop painting

Throughout the year during your stay, you can take part in a mini-workshop under Martin’s tuition.
Cost including materials from € 60,00 per person.











Midweekworkshop 2016




In 2016 the midweek workshop is in :        

9 up to 13 May, by Annemie van de Ven




Workshop info

Monday: arrival in the afternoon, followed by introductions and evening dinner.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: after breakfast, painting with tuition; after lunch, free work; dinner in the evening.Friday: after breakfast, workshop discussion and closure.



€ 395,00 per person for the workshop with Annemie van Ven, including coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer or wine with meals..

Supplement for single room:
€ 20,00 per person per night.




Enrolment for the workshop in May at least ONE month in advance.
Enrolment or additional information: